Need for operation

First Degree of Piles can be cured with certain medicines and complete control on constipation.

For Second degree of Piles, while constipation of should be controlled, one should also apply some ointment and take adequate medicine. Cryo surgery can also be done if necessary to make the piles cool and avoid irritation.  In advanced second degree piles, MIPH (Stapled haemorrhoidopexy) can be done.

Third and Fourth degree of piles needs operation or use of the modern technique by Haemorrhoidal Stapler to remove the excess skin from inside.

With the use of this Stapler, the operation is minimally invasive (M.I.P.H), giving no pain and patient does not need the dressing. The chances of formation of piles again does not arise in this type of operation. Patient can resume normal duties right from the next day of surgery.


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